Here are all the programs we’ve designed to enable startups to continuously innovate, scale and generate deal flow for their business.

T-Hub presents HealthTech Arcade powered by Optum

T-Hub presents HealthTech Arcade, a market access program for HealthTech startups with disruptive potential utilizing emerging technologies who is looking to scale up through corporate strategic partnership.
HealthTech Arcade is also a great platform to collaborate and pitch your innovative product in front of the corporate giants looking to disrupt through both external and as well as internal innovation and to expand in their emerging business.

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The Graft US-India Agtech Challenge is the first 2 month cross-border Agtech Challenge of its kind. Backed by industry leaders, government and a strong lineup of corporate and knowledge partners, #graft2019 will pick out 6 'best-in-class’ startups from Australia and 6 from India, to inject new ideas and proven technologies into an innovation-ripe industry.

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Institute of Inspiring Innovation (iii) and T-Hub have designed an exclusive program to offer you insights that will help identify your values and mission, think creatively, collaborate with leaders and explore innovative opportunities.
Learn to utilize ‘human values’ as a source of inspiration for your innovation journey and collaborate with other creative thinkers.

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T-Hub presents Hack2Hire with Freshworks

T-Hub and Freshworks partnered to further the talent force of Freshworks, which could work on a wide variety of technologies, innovations, and robust products emerging in AI, Computer Vision, and Data Analytics on SaaS Platform. T-Hub will scout the best talent, which has expertise in software development, across India and spearheads a 12-hour hackathon for the selected candidates to solve challenges real-time for getting selected.

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Boeing presents BUILD 2019 in partnership with T-Hub

T-Hub, in partnership with Boeing, is presenting BUILD 2019 program inviting students and early stage startups to commercialize their innovative ideas. This platform will empower student innovators and new entrepreneurs to get mentorship from renowned subject matter experts, transforming ideas into business propositions under the aegis of T-Hub & Boeing.

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DeepTech Arcade

T-Hub presents DeepTech Arcade, a market access program for DeepTech startups ( AI, ML, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Cognitive, NLP, and others technology) with disruptive potential utilizing emerging technologies who are looking to scale up through corporate strategic partnership.

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India Innovation Accelerator

Facebook is partnering with T-Hub to launch the second edition of the India Innovation Hub Accelerator program, focused on 'AI for Social Good'. This edition of the accelerator program aims to support startups that are focused on building products and services, which are solving complex social problems, using AI in the domains of Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Opportunity, Innovation Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Peace and Justice.

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T-Hub presents Smart City Arcade

T-Hub presents Smart City Arcade, a market access program for Fintech startups seeking to scaleup by exploring new strategic partnerships. It is imperative for startups to find the right corporate partners who could license, buy-out their products or on-board them as vendors. Smart City Arcade comes in to open up a multitude of opportunities to expand the market. It will bring together corporates looking to speed date with startups in Smart City space and explore possible partnerships.

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T-Hub presents Lab32

Lab32 is a six month long comprehensive incubation program, tailor-made for early-stage tech product startups. Through a series of six different playbooks, Lab32 provides guidance of immense value to the startups, supported by an outstanding community of top-notch corporates, mentors, partners and investors.

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T-Hub presents FinTech Arcade

A market access program for Fintech startups seeking to scaleup by exploring new strategic partnerships. It is imperative for startups to find right corporate partners who could license, buy-out their products or on-board them as vendors. Fintech Arcade comes in to open up multitude of opportunities to expand the market. It will bring together corporates looking to speed date with startups in fintech space and explore possible partnerships.

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T-Hub & Merck present HACK2HIRE : An IoT Hackathon

T-Hub is inviting Full-Stack Developers & System Architects experienced in IoT & Cybersecurity to apply for the Hack2Hire program. Through this program, T-Hub seeks to enhance the talent pool of Merck towards implementing digital projects in the Life Sciences domain alongside pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers and to help make life-enhancing medicines a reality.

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Recruitment Drive | T-Hub

We at T-Hub are building a one-of-a-kind platform for startups and corporates alike to engage with ex- entrepreneurs/ ex-startup employees and possibly even hire them. Register now to be a part of this exclusive recruitment drive to find your potential employee/employer!

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T-Hub & UTC present Hack2Hire – A Cyber Security Hackathon

T-Hub – a global startup catalyst that powers entrepreneurship and deal flow – in partnership with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Hyderabad Research & Design Center (HRDC) is inviting Cyber Security professionals to apply for the Hack2Hire program. Through this program, we seek to enhance the talent pool of UTC HRDC for implementing projects related to Product security, deploying best in class technology, and streamlined security process across its (CCS/OTIS) products.

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Global Bridge: Canada-India

Global Bridge: Canada-India helps high-growth Canadian tech scale-ups do business in India. The program is designed to demystify the local business culture, support product localization, validate business models and gain in-market networking opportunities that help companies successfully enter the Indian market.

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UTC presents OTIS Innovation Challenge Powered by T-Hub

OTIS (Elevator division of United Technologies Corporation), in partnership with T-Hub, is seeking innovative solutions to integrate with Elevators, Escalators, and Travellators (Moving walkways). OTIS is committed to further enhance ​ products with such features as serving efficiently passengers with reduced transport time, seamless interaction with other building systems, and actionable intelligence data on usage and needs with a goal of improving passenger experience.

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India Market Access Bridge

For entrepreneurs, expanding their startups overseas is an exciting journey of opportunities such as new clients, revenue streams, and untapped markets, among others. However, setting up business in a new country comes with a plethora of complexities and uncertainties. India is no different. This is where T‑Hub’s India Market Access Bridge (IMAB) comes in!

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T-Hub and KIMS presents Rural Electrification Corporation (REC)

The REC Innovation Platform aims to empower student innovators in the field of renewable energy. The REC Innovation Platform will extend support and be mentored by 30 government institutions across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. About 1,800 students from select government institutions will go through the rigorous Conceptual Research Experience Program.

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T-Hub presents Agro Innovation on the Periphery with Stanley Black & Decker

T-Hub, in association with Stanley Black & Decker, is presenting an exciting program for AgriTech startups. The vision of this program is to identify and shortlist product ready startups whose Agri-Technologies, either from a technology or a business standpoint, can plug into Stanley Black & Decker’s “Solar Agricultural Platform” and compliment their core innovation, leveraging Clean Technology to efficiently bring groundwater to millions of farmers across the world.

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Accelerator 2030 Presented by HSBC with partnership with T-Hub

HSBC is partnering with T-Hub to access the start-up ecosystem for the Accelerator 2030 programme. The programme is focused on creating commercialisation opportunities for one of the world's largest banking operations function, leveraging its data and global footprint.

Start-ups will be given the chance to pitch innovative ideas, from new technologies to new business models that can revolutionise the banking operations.

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India Innovation Hub Accelerator Program

T-Hub and Facebook intend to partner and have a deep collaboration in the area of AR/VR tech, which is most intriguing space today. These are relatively new set of technologies and involve not only dorky hardware, but also lot of software and intelligence and are the subject of fascination to the world's most influential people in tech.

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Smart India Hackathon

Smart India Hackathon 2018 is a non-stop digital product development competition, where problems are posed to technology students for innovative solutions. It harnesses creativity & expertise of students, Sparks institute-level hackathons, Builds funnel for ‘Startup India’ campaign, Crowdsources solutions for improving governance and quality of life and provides opportunity to citizens to provide innovative solutions to India’s daunting problems.

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Boeing HorizonX India Challenge 1.0

T-Hub and Boeing are partnering to leverage the Indian innovation ecosystem to get access to the innovative products and services developed by the Indian start-ups in specific capability areas. Boeing is also nurturing internal startups and is launching this challenge to select 3 startups who will work side by side with 3 Boeing teams in a tailored startup accelerator.

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Hack2Innovate - Multi-City Hackathon

Hack2Innovate is a national hackathon that occurs over 24 hours in each of the 7 cities around the country. Coders, startups, entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, makers, technologists, and everyone - who is enthusiastic about Deep-Tech - will come together to uproot the Deep-Tech innovation by working on the problem statements (challenges) provided by partners.

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T-Hub Virtual Membership

Virtual Membership is location independent by design. This model suits entrepreneurs who need the services of an incubator, but still want to maintain their own offices, warehouses, while holding on to geographical advantages and strategies.

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Ambassador Program

Be an ambassador for T-Hub and embark on an exciting journey that will drive and support Hyderabad and the Indian startup ecosystem, contribute to growth and development of the Indian economy, encourage international synergies, solve local and global vital problems.

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A tailor made program to assist growth stage startups to overcome roadblocks & scale at a rapid pace.The outcome driven program offers extensive support in business planning, strategy execution & partnership development from T-Hub, PwC & Cocreation consulting.

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Smart City / Smart Building NanoAccelerator with UTC

This initiative will enable the Climate Controls and Security and Otis divisions of UTC to work closely with the shortlisted startups, which are differentiable, scalable, software and/or which runs on low cost general purpose hardware and which provides seamless actionable intelligence data with minimal human intervention.

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UberEXCHANGE is a startup mentorship program, which aims to support the startup ecosystem in India by supporting founders with the knowledge, tools, visibility, and market access necessary to make their startups a success.

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Cisco-Mtuity Smart City Hackathon

An initiative by T-Hub, Cisco, and Paradigm Mtuity - to foster open innovation and to cater solutions to the problem statements pertaining to smart cities domain.

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Corporate Connect with
United Technologies Corporation

T-Hub, in partnership with United Technologies Corporation, is seeking technology startups, which embody the innovation spirit, passion, and high energy management style, to complement the qualities of UTC. This initiative allows selected startups to engage 1:1 with UTC, paving way for potential partnerships and investments.

Qualcomm Design in India Challenge

The challenge is launched as part of the expansion of Qualcomm's design initiatives in India - Qualcomm Design in India Program (QDIP) - that aims to build a core design technological and innovation hub in India.

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Solve-a-thon, hosted by Solve – an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - and T-Hub is a unique event which calls for solutions to specific challenges in the world.

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T-Hub and Anthill have joined hands to redefine corporate innovation programs. We are proud to present MERGE - Experience Innovation, a platform that gives corporates the agility of startups through strategic partnerships.

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YES Fintech Accelerator

YES FINTECH is a platform for the bank and Fintech startups to co-create innovative solutions and partner in taking the solution to the bank’s retail and corporate customers.

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IFDI Challenge 2.0

The Digital India vision of the Government seeks to empower every citizen with the benefits of technology by enabling digital transformation. Intel is committed to fulfilling this vision by not just creating a culture and ecosystem of innovation, but to steer innovation towards solving India’s problems.

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