Here are all the events and workshops we’ve created to help entrepreneurs on their journey to success!



Hackathon Attend

Cisco Mtuity Hackathon

A Smart city Hackathon where participants can come and use the state of the art Mtuity Lab for the smart city which is established in T-Hub in Cisco lab This bootcamp and then the final Hackathon which will be happening on 5th May & the final event will be around 16 June. They have given 2 problem statements & the winners will get cash prize for 1 Lac for 1st winner & 50 k for 2nd winner.

Hackathon Attend

6th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

6th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on May 18, 2017. The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.

Ideas Attend

Domain Meet Up

Fintech Space - Goods and Service Tax (GST) Tax

Fintech Attend


This program will create a solid understanding of the documentary processes relating to PE/VC and M&A transactions, identifying commercial issues and producing clear instructions to lawyers and executives involved.

Investors Attend


T-Hub in partnership with Idealabs presents the T-Kickstart series, a three day bootcamp spread over three weeks. T-Kickstart is an initiative to support startup enthusiasts, working professionals and students on how to ideate, evaluate its potential, assess business opportunities, gauge competitive environment and build the perfect pitch!

Bootcamp Attend


T-Hub initiative to bring the agriculture community together every alternate month to discuss, identify problem statements and find solutions for the real issues our farmers and agri-ecosystem are facing today and to turn food security and sustainability into reality.

AgriTech Attend

Edutech Domain Meetup

A community where a mix of EduTech start-ups, corporates etc meeting together and discuss the current trends & sharing the pain points for solutions.

EduTech Attend

Health Café

T-Hub initiative to bring the healthcare community together every alternate month to ideate, discuss and create unique healthcare solutions that benefit our society.

EduTech Attend

Startup Mentor Connect

T-hub was founded on the belief that nurturing entrepreneurs will lead to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation, and encapsulates the true spirit of giving back to the community. Mentoring is an essential part of building an entrepreneurial culture. More importantly, it is a true reflection of the spirit of giving by Industry Mentors.

Mentorship Attend

Startup Investor Connect

The investor Connect is a forum for people to pick on the investor's decision-making criteria. It is the right place to ask all investor related queries - what do investors look for, what is the right pitch deck/format, what are various stages of investors out there and what is the risk appetite/ticket size of each of each of these.

Investors Attend

Startup Corporate Connect

Corporate connect is designed to get the start-ups, hear the stories from their boardroom. These stories are intended to ensure that start-ups learn from what the big wigs are doing right (and wrong) - ranging from culture, processes, customer acquisition, technology and partnerships.

Corporate Attend